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sol - #31 Sam M and Ms. Raguso

I’ve been knowing Sam M since 6th grade! O my favorite memory with Sam has to be when she asked me to be her friend in 6th grade and I said no because I thought she was weird. But now I love her and she’s my bestfriend more like a sister to me! She has always been there for me! Even though I was mean to her! She has the biggest heart ever! I’m so happy that she’s happy! I’ll do anything for her. Sam is great with keeping secrets.! I’m always going to be there for my bestfriend no matter what! I am jealous that her man took her away from me but I’m just whatever with because like whatever makes her happy right! I don’t know how sam manage to deal with me! But I appreciate everything she does for me! My forever BFF I love you Samantha❤️ You’re also beautiful hehe bestiesssss 😃
       I met Ms. Raguso this year! I honestly love how she teaches! She’s also very funny, you just try your best to not get her mad. I love it when we do the “ spiceyyyyy thing “ it’s really fun because I…
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sol - #30 Abel and Ms. Brezek

I met Abel this year and yet still have so many memories with him! Abel is such a good friend and knows how to make people smile! My favorite memory with Abel has to be when, actually I don’t know because I like all our memories, I’ll just say lunch because its funny with him! The dude goes to working lunch all the time! He can drive me crazy like almost all the time but I’ll never leave his side. That’s my wholeeee bff you feel! You mess with him, you mess with me jpjp! He’s mild so we don’t get along! I love talking to him, he’s like my go to person! I also love when me and him play fortnite even though I suck );! But for real I’ll always be there for the kiddo💙
        Ms. Brezek hmm I don’t know when I met her to be honest! But Ms. Brezek loves her kiddos! Ms. Brezek can really get me mad but I’ll always love her! I’m always mean to her though... yikes! My favorite memory with Ms. Brezek has to be when I did the score board! She kept messing up it was funny! But anywho I l…

sol - #29 Sam R and Mr. Richards

I got Sam R and Mr. Richards for today! I’ve been knowing Samantha since 4th grade. I didn’t even know she was here for 6th grade, I honestly thought she left. Then she got into some drama and you know things like that in 7th and I found out she was still here! 8th grade we became bffs, then people started giving us names.. yikes! My favorite memory with Samantha has to be the “girl power” thing. She was walking upstairs and I was trying to hype her up and she started hitting me! I love my bff so much! She so abusive though. Sam and I get into lots of fights but we end up forgiving each other so it’s all good(; she does a lot of weird things but my home girl unique in her own beautiful way!
        Mr. Richards was my 6th grade excel and social studies teacher! He was so funny. Honestly I have never seen him laugh, he would smile but it was more like a smirk. He would say something really funny and never laugh or even smile! Everyone honestly loved him, I think he has to be t…

sol - #28 Jade M and Ms. Bless

These are not in order! I picked 2 papers out the basket and I got Jade M and Ms. Bless! I’ve been knowing Jade since 2nd grade in Ms. Olsen’s class for reading! We would always play house of Anubis on Nickelodeon! One of my favorite memories with Jade have to be when me and her would play House with Mariah, Mia, Arden, and Victoria in recess! Another one was when she had an accident outside when she was laughing so hard because this one girl flew! Jade and I have so many memories, it’s honestly crazy! Jade and I barley fight and I love her so much! She’s my whole bff and she’s always been there for me! She’s also really funny and has a big heart.
        Then there is Ms. Bless I’ve been knowing her since I was in 3rd grade because she was my reading teacher. One of my favorite memories with her has to be when I first saw her witch pot in her closet, I started to make fun of her for that and I’ve always told her students that Ms. Bless eats her students if you get her mad! I’v…

sol - #27 new posts/coming up🤪

So starting tomorrow I will start writing about my favorite memory’s with someone and how I feel about them. Remember that it’s about my bffs and my favorite teachers! I’ll have 1 bestfriend and 1 teacher on the same blog post! I just  came up with the idea! How I came up with the idea you might ask well I was in my room, FINALLY organizing my papers and I seen like the oldest stuff ever. But then I see this paper Mrs. Cleofe gave us for winter break.! The paper was just like you had to ask people why are they friends with you basically and I thought it was a great idea to start writing about it! Plus I needed more things to write about. It was just the perfect thing to write about! Sooooo stay tuned for the juice!! SPICYYYYYY *twiddling with Carlos, LAILA, Gaby, Abel, Sam M, Sam R, Ms. Raguso and Ms. Letizia!!!!!

sol - #26 Same old me😉

I’m same old me! Nothing new because I’m a boring person really🤣 I went to school, I didn’t really do anything in school ... yikes but I’m starting not to care about things as much as I use to! Like everyone expects  me to do my work and try not to get distracted, I mean however you do it, I don’t know and I really don’t care! Nothing really affects me, I really don’t have lots of feelings, I just laugh at everything but at the same time everything actually be funny to me. People actually think I care what they think or feel, I mean I care for my friends but really that’s it. My trust is low because you know things happen so I mean! I am fine with who I am I don’t think nobody can change that! Just wanted to let that out because everyone was erkin me today! The fact that people still wanna talk to me about doing sum and I never do is funny! Like if I ain’t doing nothing at first then I ain’t going to do it when you tell me some! Simple as that🤪💀

sol - 25 Mall Action💅

I went to the mall today and I went to go get my nails done. I had this girl and she took all my fake nails off and she broke my real nail and it hurt so much! Then she glued it back on like it never happened and I’m such a nice person that I let it slide! THEN THIS GIRL HURT ME SO MUCH! She like cut my skin on 4 of my fingers. I still didn’t say nun but at the end I loved how my nails came out. She gave me a card and if I see her all the time and it gets to 11 then I get a free fill! Sooo I ended up being okay with it. I want to go see her again for that free fill but at the same time she really hurt my nails and fingers);