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sol - #16 sickyy

I woke up this morning feeling so sick! I had to go to school, so I could be able to go to this party with Sam R. During the PARCC test my nose was runny, I had to keep getting up for tissues. My head was hurting and I was going to fall asleep. Today had to be like the worse time to be doing PARCC testing. I wasn’t really in the mood for anything and I’m like really really sick! So after that I went to gym and I was like non-stop sneezing! The things I do to go out! But at the same time I didn’t wanna miss the testing!
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sol - #15 juanito MEANNY WEANNY!😭

I don’t know what I did to Juan, but his attitude with me is not okay! After like everything with the two teachers like Ms. Brezek and Powers SMH! I always, and I mean always had Juan’s back! Anyways so like today I try to do this little sprinkle finger thing with him and he said no! I know this was creep move but I followed him and kept telling him to do it and he kept saying no.! I am very upset with Juan! I thought Juan and I were besties! I GUESS NOT.! I do almost anything I can for him and that’s what I get! So after school I see my bff or I thought he was my bff and I called him and told him to come over by me and he ignoresss meeee! I yelled “ come on don’t ignore me again “ and he never looked back! I was very upset! But in lunch I pretended like he never existed and with his friends too! SINCE THATS WHAT WE ON NOW😡

sol - #14 part of my speech

Today I read my speech for MSD strong and believe me i was nervous! This is part of it (at the end) Nobody should feel like they aren’t safe, especially at school. The shootings at schools are unacceptable, and so are the shootings that are here, in our country! How about here in Chicago!? So far in Chicago there has been 414 people who have been shot this year!
         So now that we are doing something about it! We should NOT stop until something is done! We should NOT say something and NOT go through with it! Our voices need to be heard! This is the perfect time to be heard and finally take action for something we believe in!

sol - #13 lunch wit Jose (;

So we had like almost all the 8th graders at our table and we just made jokes. The Sam and I were wondering who Jose was dating so we kept calling Juan, because he knew and we didn’t! He kept ignoring us so I’m pretty upset because I thought Juan and I were bestiesss. So Justin went to go talk to Jose’s girl and Jose got up and left! I forgot who but he told someone to say that Jose was throwing up! He didn’t even come back till everyone was getting dismissed. THIS DUDE DIDNT EVEN GET LUNCH.! Like come on stop being so scary and talk to your girlll! But when Jose was in there we were all making more jokes and I was kind of flirting with Carlos! But I play with him like that because Carlos is like my whole bff! That had to be like my favorite day ever adding on to the good news Ms. Brezek told me!!

sol - #12 Sowwy Sammy Wammy );

I was heading to second block and I was ignoring Sam! To me it was funny but little did I know I hurt my best friends feelings! It’s a thing I have or do I always ignore someone but I play around like that! But then I started talking to her in ela and I told her “ I was just playing best friend, I love you “ I thought she knew I was playing but she told me that she was sad! So you know me I felt like the bad person.! Then I tried to give Sam a cookie and she didn’t except it. She gave me that sad excuse “o my stomach is hurting” likeee girrrrrr I know your stomach isn’t hurting because you over there chewing that gum! She thought she was slick. But I honestly let her slide because she was sad and I thought she was mad! But I love my bff and I’d never try to hurt her on purpose (;❤️

sol - #11 Family

I wasn’t so excited to go to my tias house but it ended up being really fun! She lives in orland Park, and for me it was far! My beautiful little monkey was there and it made it so much better and I was sooo happy, she has like so much energy! I had to keep chasing her and giving her attention, if I didn’t she’s cry! Like it was for an hour I’ve been chasing her around the house and their house is sooo huge! She had this fish and she kept calling the fish a bunny! She makes my day! You can’t really understand her when she talks but you know she’s only one! I basically spend my whole day with her! And then we watch this scary movie! Yikessss and then I left at like 11 and just got home so yeah that was my dayyy!

sol - #10 three or four

I took a three hour nap or I think it was four, I don’t know.! But I woke up crying for noooo reasssooonn! So you know, I call Sam and she doesn’t answer then I started crying more but like honestly I had no idea why I was crying! So Sam calls back and I’m like o hey and she asks me if I was crying or sick! And I kept saying no because I didn’t want her to worry if there is nothing to worry about! You know?! Because even I didn’t know I was crying! So then we just keep talking and we’re like talking about nothing then my booooo texted me then my bfffffff texted me and I was so happy! Like I didn’t have friends or o whatever! But then I felt bad because my friend was going to come over and I didn’t answer at all and this was like the 2nd time already! I’m not really the bestest friend ever! But you know I try! I always try my best, sometimeesssss thing don’t turn out the way you want it to! Sorry for the short blogs!