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sol - #12 Sowwy Sammy Wammy );

I was heading to second block and I was ignoring Sam! To me it was funny but little did I know I hurt my best friends feelings! It’s a thing I have or do I always ignore someone but I play around like that! But then I started talking to her in ela and I told her “ I was just playing best friend, I love you “ I thought she knew I was playing but she told me that she was sad! So you know me I felt like the bad person.! Then I tried to give Sam a cookie and she didn’t except it. She gave me that sad excuse “o my stomach is hurting” likeee girrrrrr I know your stomach isn’t hurting because you over there chewing that gum! She thought she was slick. But I honestly let her slide because she was sad and I thought she was mad! But I love my bff and I’d never try to hurt her on purpose (;❤️


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I had went to Ms. Rodriguez room, and there is this cutieeeee and he so tall! I asked him what grade he was and he said 7th! I also asked him about his grades and he said all 4 and 3s then I said ooooo shmart kiddo! I honestly think I creeped him out! Ms.Rodriuez thought the same thing! I went to go get my lunch and went back upstairs to Ms. Rodriguez room and he was still there. So I’m eating and I look at him doing his painting and Ms. Rodriguez is mouthing words to me! I didn’t know what but guessing she called me a creep for staring at him! He was interesting to me so I meannn.

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It all started with Abel trying to get Carlos to talk to Ms. Brezek about something! And Carlos didn’t go because I told him not to go, I honestly thought Abel was lying! So Abel tells me to go with him and I got up and went with him! Then we had to wait for Ms. Brezek because she was talking to someone and she comes and she said “ are you going to do the score and sit wit me.” I most definitely didn’t wanna do it but I did it anyways.! But that part doesn’t even matter! So I honestly thought it was going to be boring sitting with Ms. Brezek, but she’s actually really cool! But I had to catch her up with this word so called a “thing.” Because I told her I had one with this guy and I had to explain it to her! I feel like her teacher sometimes smhh! Smh- shaking my head. That was for Ms. Brezek! I LOVE YOU GIRRR. Anywho Ms. Brezek and I were just talking about Jovanny and how I talk to him still! And how much we love our ela class! Then we started talking about kids at the school and wh…

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My friends and I were on google and we were searching up funny pictures than one of my friends saw me on google because when you search up “ Tatiana fabian “ I come up. Everyone starts laughing at the pictures. I end up showing all my 5th grade and 4th grade picture to them and again everyone starts laughing. I wasn’t good with selfies but I was young so i didn’t really care much. The teacher was teaching though so we had to be so quiet n had to hold out laughs but I have the loudest laugh and I can never hold my laugh so I laughed out loud and I got a warning. Then we seen another picture and it was too funny and I don’t even remember taking it so that’s when I got my 2nd warning. So I got back to work and all my friends are still looking at my photos then they see the most embarrassing one from 6th grade and I yelled. We all ended up getting in trouble for disrupting the class but I was the one in trouble the most.  I honestly thought it was worth it because we had a good laugh out …