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sol - #31 Sam M and Ms. Raguso

       I’ve been knowing Sam M since 6th grade! O my favorite memory with Sam has to be when she asked me to be her friend in 6th grade and I said no because I thought she was weird. But now I love her and she’s my bestfriend more like a sister to me! She has always been there for me! Even though I was mean to her! She has the biggest heart ever! I’m so happy that she’s happy! I’ll do anything for her. Sam is great with keeping secrets.! I’m always going to be there for my bestfriend no matter what! I am jealous that her man took her away from me but I’m just whatever with because like whatever makes her happy right! I don’t know how sam manage to deal with me! But I appreciate everything she does for me! My forever BFF I love you Samantha❤️ You’re also beautiful hehe bestiesssss 😃
       I met Ms. Raguso this year! I honestly love how she teaches! She’s also very funny, you just try your best to not get her mad. I love it when we do the “ spiceyyyyy thing “ it’s really fun because I’d always continue and she'd stop if it’s too long. I always ask her why she stop and she say “ because if I didn’t this could go on forever.” I’m just a tad mad that she kicked me out the business for the magic markers company. I also really love the projects she be giving us! Very interesting, ELA and social studies are my favorite subjects! She’s also always on you with your ID’s,  making sure it’s YOUR glasses and making sure you go to the right bathroom! I really love her classroom style! Very mysterious😃


  1. Awww bestfriend I love you ❤️ , tbh now that I look back I was weird tbh lmao


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